Updated NYC Elementary School Zone Maps Produced by NYC Parent

NYC School Maps is a new service providing up-to-date and comprehensive NYC elementary school zone maps, created by New York City parent, Kristi Barlow.  Their school zone maps include all public elementary school zones, all unzoned elementary public schools, all elementary charter schools, and all districts--all color coded for easy reading.  The available Manhattan map, 36" high, covers everything south of 126th Street.  They have plans to cover upper Manhattan in the future (you can help make that happen by going to the site and requesting it on the "Future Maps" page).
Digital maps are $8, printed maps $20.  Both come with ongoing digital updates (so you will always have up to date information) and an information packet that includes comprehensive lists of the schools with contact info and links.
The Manhattan map will be on display at our upcoming event, "How to Research and Choose a School For Your Child - A Conversation with Peg Tyre" on Tuesday, May 22nd at Kidberry.
See NY Times story here.
So what do you think?  Will you be purchasing one of these maps?  Please leave your comments below.

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