About Us

Our Business

Let’s Talk Schools is an online educational resource providing real parent views and reviews about individual schools, from nursery schools through high schools.

We provide information to help parents and students successfully navigate the complicated educational marketplace.

We do this first through an informative and interactive website that provides primary feedback, straight from parents’ and students’ perspectives on a variety of different schools and educational institutions.

We also hold informative panels and networking events, led by veteran parents and educational professionals, and we provide consulting and advisory services on an individual basis.


We believe that education is not a privilege and that every child has the right to attend a good school.  Our aim at Let’s Talk Schools is to demystify and to simplify the process of gathering information so that families can make informed, smart educational choices.

About Us

We are New York City-based parents of nursery and elementary school-aged children. We are passionate about education – and about knowing, seeking, and absorbing the educational information that we share with other parents.  Over the past couple of years, as our children reached kindergarten age, we found ourselves personally sharing and providing facts and resources for our neighbors, friends, family and our respective schools.  We recently decided to take this conversation online to make it more accessible to a larger audience.

What We Offer

  1. A resource for everyday working families who have the desire and ambition for providing their children with the best educations, but do not have the extensive time and resources needed to do the comprehensive research to make informed decisions. (Launching Fall 2013)
  2. Comprehensive information on all types of schools -- public, private, parochial, and charter -- and we encompass the whole school lifecycle, from nursery through high school.
  3. Individual school reviews that are detailed, independent and unfiltered viewpoints from parents and students (coming soon)

The opinions expressed here are solely those of Let’s Talk Schools and its contributors and are not to be taken as official positions.