The First Month

It has been almost 1 month, since Surta joined Family Annex. She loves it! We are also happy to be a part of her school Family.

We had a first “parents to parents” meeting. Each parent chat with other parent for about 7 minutes. And later they introduced each other and their kids to the group. Surprisingly only 7 families were present. All three teachers also introduced themselves. The teachers mentioned parents about a typical day – start time, lunch time, out side time, working time, nap time etc. They explained in detail about project for coming month(s). Birthday time- no cakes and no

Surta knows all her classmates and most parents & siblings. She and few other kids have nick names! They have different activity areas such as mini studio, dramatic area, manipulative area, block area, cozy area, dramatic play area and light table area. Also has music and movement time. She hums some new songs. And some times talks about her activity of the day. She never answers “how was your day?” But she talks a lot about school at bed time and with other older friends and adults. Most days she eats her lunch partially. Some days does not nap. She also has fun time playing with big kids in their “up stair” class. After 3:30 nursery class and pre K class merge.

Parents receive a daily journal via E-mail. The Teachers document 2/3 kids experience and conversation in an activity that day. And mention all other kids’ activity areas. The school organized pot luck dinner in nearby garden. Nice time to meet with kids and families through out the school. One of the family organize pot luck picnic at central park in week end. It was an informal relaxing time to see kids playing, parents interacting with them and chatting with each other.

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