First Day of School

This month lots of new things happened in our lives. Hubby and I will return working full time and the boys have already begun going to daycare. Amari is in preschool and gets so excited about it the night before that he can't sleep. Joshy does alright, but I'm sure he would rather crawl over daddy and go swimming.

I started working last week. I am a Marketing Manager for a global tea brand. I was recalling how much of Amari's life I have worked, and the answer is not much. I think I've only worked 6 months out of the three years of his life. Between maternity leave and business school, our boys have had a monopoly on our time.

So, two weeks ago was the first day of school for the boys. Everything went fine for them. And everything went fine for me until it was time for pick up. When hubby and I entered the daycare Amari was excited to see us and Joshy was LOUDLY expressing his discontent. I came over to him, expecting outstretched arms, but instead he gave me a neutral expression. I held him and squeezed him to let me know that we had indeed come back for him, but he was nonchalant at the most.

As I was gathering his lunch box, daddy must have appeared because I heard Joshy shrill, yell "BaBa!" and run with arms outstreched towards hubby. Wow! What a response for the man that did not carry that baby for nine months and then labor to bring him into the world. I have to say that I was very disappointed about Joshua's reaction to seeing me. This feeling did not mean that I was jealous of hubby. I am overjoyed at the closeness, initimacy and strength of their father son relationship.

My heart was just a little bit crushed, but I can take it in stride. My cape came in the mail today (that is my supermom cape), so I can chin up and keep moving.

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