PTA meetings

The PTA meetings are well attended at 180. We had about 30 parents at our November meeting and it's great to see that the "Jag Dads" (our school mascot is a jaguar) are really getting active. The school has an amazing auditorium and the dads are planning a monthly movie based on a book. The idea is to read the book, see the movie and have a discussion after. Of course moms are welcome, but the idea is to have dads make this their night and I'm all for it!

We discussed budget cuts and how it will impact the services we have now. We're ok for the short term, but if there has to be such drastic cuts next yr, we're in trouble. I've joined the fundraising committee, I'll see what we can drum up....our first raffle is this week. My company, as usual, has donated sevices :)!

Brayden adores, adores his teacher and his classmates. He runs to school every morning and even his teacher remarked at what an amazing , loving group of boys are in the class. They hug each other each morning and pat each other on the back. Can't believe how cute they are!

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