Parents Weigh In On the NYC Public High School Admissions Process

School admissions in New York City is not for the faint of heart. Gone are the days of just walking to your neighborhood school and signing your child up to attend. Instead, we have school choice, where parents and children get to choose from the many offerings. But sometimes too much choice is not a good thing.

Witness the high school choice admission process. A diagram of the process can be seen in this Gotham Schools article from a year ago.

Parents and students are fed up with the complexity of the process.  This Inside Schools article provides suggestions on how to simplify the process and make life easier for parents and students.

What do you think?  Are you going through the high school process?  Share your thoughts below.

One thought on “Parents Weigh In On the NYC Public High School Admissions Process

  1. It is a difficult system that may leave a child without a choice specially if he or she is not among the 90% and above students (my son’s average 87%). People who hold seminars cannot explain the process. They talk about a computer that will select based on the grades and state tests yet in corwdeded schools in QUeens there are thousands of applicants competing for hunderds of seats; Even if a student meets the criteria it is completely unclear if he or she will enter the school of choice. This system is confusing benefiting only a few. A sad proof of our inequality in public education.

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