massive school cuts

PS 180, like every other school, has been hit by the budget cuts. Every day it seems like another service is being cut. Our principal has been the master of getting money from stones, but even he is saying that we need to organize NOW. So a great PTA meeting this last Sat. I have to say I am impressed in that I have not seen a drop in PTA meeting attendance. We're starting grant writing workshops in earnest. I touched base with a friend who is VP of a firm that specializes in grant writing for non-profits, so once we're on our way she can help with polish.
ALSO our school has been awarded the 2010 Outstanding Early Childhood Program Award. Apparently it has been many years since a Public School has won this award which is given by the NYC Interagency Early Childhood Professional Development Institute. So that's pretty awesome....

In addition to grant writing workshops which I'll be attending, I'm also arranging a Feb cocktail party with raffle and a letter writing campaign to some local officials who are pretty open about wanting higher office. Time to get better at playing the game...

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