Halloween candy buy back

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween.  This year's Halloween was the best yet since Lee was born.  The day started with a party at his school followed by our neighbourhood community association parade and festivities, then topped off with trick-or-treating.

The school party was the first parent association organized fund raiser for the year.  There were 3 separate events throughout the day - Halloween party for grades pre-k-2, party for grades 3-5 and a dance for grades 6-8.  I don't know how the other parties went but the pre-k party was tons of fun.  A big hit was a crawl through tunnel we fashioned out of cardboard boxes.  The kids loved it!  There was copious amounts of food for both adults and children and plenty of activities to keep the young ones entertained.

After the party at school we joined the festivities put on by our neighbourhood community association.  This year was the first halloween parade and festival.  The night was topped off with trick-or-treating and an exhausted boy by 6 pm.  I had to carry him the last couple of blocks because he just ran out of steam.

This year we are going to donate the bulk of our candy to the Halloween Candy Buy Back program.  Participating dentists buy your candy for $1/pound (or other treats) then send it to the troops overseas.  Just enter your zip code at the site to find participating dentists in your area.  Beats eating it all myself 🙂

How was your Halloween?

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