I will only move Brayden from 180 if he gets into Hunter or perhaps the Special Music School. I could not be happier with the educational environment, the parents and children and the goals of the school. I love that he gets homework and they are teaching him to have a critical voice of the book he reads. Too cute. In addition the monthly assignment he has is really well-rounded.

It's adorable to walk into the classroom and see the children rapt with attention- eyes completely focused on the teacher. Brayden said last weekend he missed his teacher :).

A big decision, bcs it's soooo easy to get caught up in the "designer handbag" trap, but 180 will prepare Brayden for a top school. I know as a parent my voice will be heard and I can make a difference.

Will work with a few parents to get an after school program next yr teaching a second language.

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