2010/2011 Kindergarten enrollment deadline is today!

Today is the last day to enroll your child in public kindergarten for this coming September.  Here's the reminder from the DOE:

The last day to submit your Kindergarten application is Friday, March 12. Families should go directly to their zoned school and any other school for which they are eligible to apply for Kindergarten. Parents/guardians should bring proof of address (two documents) and proof of birth date for their child when they visit a school to apply. They do not have to bring their children with them.

For additional information on Kindergarten Admissions, please visit our Elementary School Admissions page.

If you have any questions about the application process, please e-mail the Office of Student Enrollment at ES_Enrollment@schools.nyc.gov.

One thought on “2010/2011 Kindergarten enrollment deadline is today!

  1. I just got letter that I asked from my son school on Friday March 2, 2012.That letter about Department of Education Kindergaten Application period begins Jan 9, 2012 and ends on March 2, 2012, than I called the School that my son school gave me, and Kindergaten Admission said that I have to registere my son but for waiting list. It’s ok for me, to put my son on waiting list, but how if shool can not accept him to go to school on September 2012, and still in the waiting list? ‘because that letter from school, it’s to late,,,and I just called March 5, 2012. Should I registere my son to another school that not in this area ? Elmhurst, Queens ? …Because I had experience about waiting list for 1 year. and after that will be waiting list again for 1 year, but I argued about that. and they did not find my form waiting list ,,, but the last they accepted my son.

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