Public School K and Pre-K Admissions 2010

Another great quick guide that was sent out from my sons Parent Coordinator this week gave a quick list of deadlines for Public Pre-K and Kindergarten applicants for the 2010 school year. Last year I pulled my son out of private school at the last minute and the process was such a complete headache trying to enroll him in the fall when I discovered that most of the parents had enrolled in all of the best schools in the spring.

Anyway, hoping to save you some headache.  Here you go!

"Please see below for the admissions timeline for general education kindergarten and preK. It seems that we will have the same procedure as last year meaning that you must fill out an application for a kindergarten seat in your school zone between February 1st and March 12th. I am not sure how non-zoned siblings will apply. They have not made any announcement regarding a Lottery. I will distribute that information when it becomes available."

Kindergarten Admissions Timeline For Children Born in 2005:

Kindergarten Registration Intake Period Begins February 1, 2010

Kindergarten Intake Period Ends March 12, 2010

Schools Notify Families of Kindergarten Offers March 22, 2010

Families Pre-register at Schools April 12 - April 23, 2010

As they have in the past, zoned schools will give priority to Kindergarten students who live in their zone.

Pre-Kindergarten Admissions Timeline For Children Born 2006:

Directories and Applications Available March 1, 2010

Pre-Kindergarten Information Sessions March 2010

Pre-Kindergarten Application Period Ends April 9, 2010

Pre-Kindergarten Offer Letters Distributed to Families May 31, 2010

Families Pre-Register at Schools June 7 - June 18, 2010

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