The Hewitt School

Independent Day SS Girls K-12
Address: 45 East 75th Street; New York, NY 10021   USA
Phone: 212.288.1919
Head of School: Dr. Tara Christie Kinsey
Traditional Entry Points: K, 5/6, 9
Admission Tests Accepted: None
Financial System: SSS

About The Hewitt School

Elementary, Middle, High School

The Hewitt School inspires girls and young women to become game changers and ethical leaders who forge an equitable, sustainable and joyous future. Hewitt girls and young women are impressive beyond words and achieve truly great things—from national academic awards to acceptance at some of the world’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Our curriculum, rigorous and challenging, is guided by the belief that the harder an accomplishment is, the greater the feeling of reward for having accomplished it. But at Hewitt, achievement, accolades, and a great resume are, in and of themselves, insufficient end goals. Hewitt girls make original and sound contributions to society because they have been empowered to compose narratives for themselves.

COVID-19 Admission Adjustments

How are you adjusting your admission process? Our process will be virtual with in person facilities tours offered late fall / early winter.

Are you conducting tours/open houses? Yes, in person tours will be offered.

Are both parents expected to attend tours/presentations? no

What is expected of families? K - 4 applicants will require a one-on-one virtual assessment.
Grade 5 and Grade 6 applicants will have a virtual group interview.
Grades 7 - 12 will have a virtual one-on-one chat.


Nothing from May 1, 2021 to May 1, 2023.