Saint David’s School

Independent Day SS Boys PK-8
Website:   instagram Twitter Facebook
Address: 12 East 89th Street; New York, NY 10128   USA
Phone: 212.369.0058
Headmaster: P. David O'Halloran, Ph.D.
Traditional Entry Points: Pre-K; Kindergarten
Admission Tests Accepted: ISEE (Grades 2-7)
Financial System: TADS

About Saint David’s School

Preschool, Elementary, Middle School

Saint David's is an independent boys school in the Catholic tradition. Saint David’s teachers understand boys. Active learning experiences stimulate intellectual curiosity as students connect subject matter with real world context. Small group instruction combined with clear routines, expectations, and models for new concepts helps boys feel grounded, while a strong sense of belonging within Saint David’s community provides a healthy foundation for learning. Saint David’s boys are comfortable taking risks in the learning process, unafraid of trying new things or making mistakes as they go.

Saint David’s faculty draws from the classical tradition of balance as the foundation for rigorous academic pursuit and deliberate moral introspection. Here, balance is achieved by providing a well-rounded education that focuses on four pillars: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Spirituality. Whether in the classroom, on the athletic field, on stage, or reaching out to those in need, a Saint David’s boy is always encouraged to find “the good,” to find strength within, and to rise to the the highest level of commitment and achievement.

Myriad partnerships with premier educational and cultural institutions allow boys to extend their learning as they engage with experts in various fields of study. Through signature units that our faculty co-teach with geneticists, astrophysicists, and curators from the likes of Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center, Hayden Planetarium, The Guggenheim, and New-York Historical Society, Saint David’s program offers world class curriculum-driven learning experiences.

In our classrooms, boys engage in collaborative problem solving through project-based interdisciplinary learning. A school-wide emphasis on public speaking is predicated on daily practice and includes individual coaching from the Headmaster in Grades Seven and Eight in preparation for the delivery of two culminating speeches. Proficiency in conversational Spanish is promoted through an immersion program that begins in Pre-Kindergarten and continues through Grade Eight. Technology is incorporated thoughtfully throughout the curriculum, while our belief in the power of books and the written word remains steadfast. Across the curriculum, Saint David’s teachers and coaches foster the development of strong character and critical thinking as they inspire boys to become innovators, global citizens, and contributors to the greater good.

COVID-19 Admission Adjustments

How are you adjusting your admission process? Boys are seen in person outside in Saint David's backyard. Families may opt for a virtual visit, if preferred.

Are you conducting tours/open houses? We hope to provide in person tours. However, we have not confirmed plans for the upcoming season as we continue to watch Covid data.

Are both parents expected to attend tours/presentations? yes

What is expected of families? Parents will participate in a conversation with Admissions following their school tour. They are also invited to attend An Evening with the Headmaster - a group event held in December.

Boys applying to Pre-K and Kindergarten visit in groups of four. Saint David's offers in person visits on Saturdays that take place outdoors in the school's backyard.


Nothing from May 1, 2021 to May 1, 2023.