Hannah Senesh Community Day School

Independent Co-Ed K-8
Address: 342 Smith Street; Brooklyn, NY 11231   USA
Phone: 718.858.8663
Head of School: Nicole Nash
Traditional Entry Points: K, 6th
Admission Tests Accepted: None
Financial System: TADS

About Hannah Senesh Community Day School

Elementary, Middle School

Founded in 1995, Hannah Senesh is a K-8 Jewish community day school in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. We’re home to a diverse student body of 225 students who achieve their highest academic potential while developing a strong moral compass, social responsibility, and intellectual curiosity.

“Community” is more than just our name—it’s our identity. Students find a real sense of belonging here and thrive within and outside our walls. Our unique program combines educational excellence, Jewish values, and an inclusive and joyful environment. Senesh families proudly represent a wide range of Jewish backgrounds and reflect the multifaceted voices and perspectives of our ever-evolving Jewish community.

Together, we are united by our commitment to raising children who lead with a strong sense of self, a connection to community, and a drive to do good. We put our values into action in our classrooms and our larger Brooklyn community, teaching our students to be agents of change toward a more just world.

COVID-19 Admission Adjustments

How are you adjusting your admission process? We have moved our entire admission process online. We will determine if the same will be true for the coming year once the Fall semester begins.

Are you conducting tours/open houses? We are currently only conducting online open houses, but will reassess come Fall.

Are both parents expected to attend tours/presentations? yes

What is expected of families? For Kindergarten families, we meet with the family and do a short assessment with the child. This has been on Zoom for the past year. For middle school applicants, the assessment includes reading, writing, and math, and is a bit longer.


Nothing from June 1, 2021 to June 1, 2023.