About Us

Let's Talk Schools, LLC, is an online educational resource. We provide the critical information necessary to successfully navigate the complicated educational marketplace.

Led by both educational professionals and conscientious parents, we also expand access to this important dialogue beyond the internet by producing informative panels and networking events. We take every measure to assist parents and students, on and off the web, so they can correctly choose the right school to suit their needs. Upon request, we also provide consulting and advisory services on an individual basis.

We believe that a great education is a right, not a privilege. Let’s Talk Schools exists to simplify the process of choosing an appropriate school by gathering the often hard to find information about a variety of educational institutions and housing them in one place. With access to detailed side-by-side comparisons, families can finally make informed educational choices.

Mahalia Watson is a diligent researcher who is passionate about education. As her son reached kindergarten age, her search for good schools resulted in an archive of valuable insights. Soon after Mahalia found that she had become a resource for friends and family who were also in search of better education for their children. It didn't take long before Mahalia realized that there was a greater need for this information than she could have ever imagined. Let's Talk Schools was born.

A resource for everyday working families who have the desire to provide their children with the best education possible, but with their busy schedules just don't have the extensive time necessary to do the comprehensive research to make informed decisions. We are your resource providing comprehensive information on all categories of schooling including public, private, and charter. Let's Talk Schools encompasses the entire pre-college educational lifecycle, from nursery through high school.