What happened in December

Happy New Year everyone!  I remember not too long ago that everyone was worried about the 2000 millenium bug and here we are, 10 years later already.  Wow!

We're back from a month long holiday break and rearing to go.  This year, I plan on expanding the blog's scope to provide updates on what is going on in education throughout the U.S as well as in our individual classrooms.  When I started this blog the intention was just to write about what our kids were doing in their individual classrooms.  But once you enter the world of education you quickly see that what is happening in policy affects what happens in preschool affects what happens in elementary and high school classrooms is intricately connected.   We'll bring you as much info as we can to keep you updated and informed.  Knowledge is power.

For now, I'll let you know what Lee was up to for the month of December.  The kids covered:

- naming and identifying letters Dd, Ee and Fk

- naming and identifying numbers 3 and 4

- living and non-living things

- Jesus and his birth

The month was filled with all sorts or activities from the Christmas concert to Santa's Workshop, where kids got to purchase donated items as gifts for their family and friends.  There were bake sales, holiday parties, fundraisers...my head was dizzy from all the activities.

At the end of January will be the end of the 2nd quarter and time for another report card.  This time I will scan the card and post it so that you can see all of the criteria used to evaluate the kids.

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