The Lang School

Independent Co-Ed K-12
Address: 26 Broadway, Suite 900; New York, NY 10004  
Phone: 212.977.7777
Head of School: Micaela Bracamonte

About The Lang School

Elementary, Middle, High School

The Lang School offers gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) learners in grades K through 12 a STEM - and STEAM-driven education informed by the ethics, poetics, and universal questions of the humanities. Our specially trained gifted and special education teachers dually differentiate the content and delivery of our standards-based academics in small classes of no more than 12 students. Our pedagogy dovetails rigorous, accelerated academics and integrates research-based supports. As a result, we meet each student where they are in their trajectory of learning and are constantly pushing them through their “proximal zone of development” (PZD) across subjects. Equally core to our mission is that we exemplify for and teach students how to own their impact and empower them to speak up and stand up for equity and social justice. We pride ourselves on this innovative model to gifted education, and Lang is the first school of its kind in the world, embracing the full set of social-emotional and intellectual needs unique to gifted and 2e learners. Our capstone Talent Development Program nurtures a sense of purpose by identifying and deepening areas of interest and strength, transforming native promise into talent, and facilitating early specialization and the acquisition of professional-level skills and commitment.

Serving a community of twice-exceptional learners (2e) requires a highly adaptive approach and a flexible mind-set. Our staff has demonstrated their abilities to differentiate for a wide spectrum of learning differences for nearly a decade, continuously improving their practices based on factual evidence, the latest research, and the emergence of new tools.  Our ten-year know-how about differentiation for gifted students with learning differences meant that the Lang school was uniquely positioned for a world that desperately needed high-quality distance learning. Due to our success in rapidly translating our rigorous differentiated curriculum and learning to an online platform, the Lang School has decided to open up a permanent virtual branch — virtualLang — so that we can extend our services to 2e learners across the United States and beyond.


Nothing from September 1, 2020 to September 1, 2022.