The Calhoun School

Independent Co-Ed PK-12
Website:   instagram Twitter Facebook
Address: 433 West End Avenue; New York, NY 10024   USA
Phone: 212.497.6575
Head of School: Steven L. Solnick
Traditional Entry Points: K, 6, 9
Admission Tests Accepted: T&E (K-1), Testing Optional (2-12)
Financial System: TADS

About The Calhoun School

Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High School

As Manhattan’s open-concept school, our classrooms—and our way of learning—seek to break down barriers between and within disciplines, concepts and people in order to nurture flexibility, provoke inquiry and forge instructive connections.

In the first years of your child’s Calhoun journey, we work to open understanding between your child and their peers by developing independence alongside collaboration. Within the classroom, students shift across and between subject area study as a grade-level group (complete with their own team name!). Their attentive teachers guide your child to form strong ties with classmates while also fostering deep connections between lessons.

Once your student reaches 3rd grade, they begin learning in our open floor plan spaces on 81st Street, designed to literally and conceptually eliminate the barriers between grades, disciplines, and learners. At Calhoun, we believe knowledge is worth sharing and that there’s always something to be learned from any person or experience.


Nothing from June 1, 2021 to June 1, 2023.