Horace Mann School

Independent Co-Ed PK-12
Website: www.horacemann.org  
Address: 231 West 246th Street; Bronx, NY 10471   USA
Phone: 718.432.4000
Head of School: Thomas M. Kelly
Traditional Entry Points: Nursery 3s, Pre-K, K, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th
Admission Tests Accepted: K & 1st, First Look Insight; Grades 2-4, ISEE Primary; Grades 6-11, ISEE or SSAT
Financial System: SSS

About Horace Mann School

Preschool, Elementary, Middle, High School

The history of Horace Mann School is one rich in tradition, scholarship, and leadership. It is a history founded on the premise that learning is not to be measured by grades alone, but by the remarkable, compassionate, and socially significant lives our diverse students and alumni choose to lead while at Horace Mann School and beyond. That history is alive in all that we do at Horace Mann School, in the passion our students bring to their work in our classrooms and labs, on our stages, in our art studios and recital halls, and on our athletic fields. That tradition becomes dynamic as it informs our School today; a School we invite you to interact with and get to know.

Our School is a model of traditional educational excellence and sound values in a society in search of both. We are a community that cares deeply about its students within a structure of immense expectations. We pride ourselves on having a talented and imaginative faculty, capable of producing citizens who think freely and respond to reason. We pride ourselves on attracting students from a variety of different backgrounds who long to be pushed to the height of their ability and want to mine their worth for all its worth.

Our School is recognized for the legacy of accomplishments of our distinguished faculty and alumni worldwide—a legacy we surely cherish. At the end of the day, though, we are a School that values honor before honors.

COVID-19 Admission Adjustments

How are you adjusting your admission process? Please visit our website.

Are you conducting tours/open houses? Virtual tours and virtual open houses. Visit or admissions page for details

Are both parents expected to attend tours/presentations? no

What is expected of families? During the COVID-19 Pandemic, child interviews will be conducted via Zoom and are one on one. Parent interviews are also conducted via Zoom.


Nothing from January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2023.