getting in the groove

We’re getting in the groove, even though we still have to run to school to avoid being late! Did I mention we live ACROSS the street from the school?

One big glitch which enraged, ENRAGED me. I know communication in schools is a problem. But you need to get it together when it’s a big problem. This was a big problem. It’s no secret that NYC has a bedbug problem and that the bugs are notoriously difficult and expensive to get rid of.

My manny was told midweek to wash the sheets and sweater of Brayden’s. Not really thinking he didn’t ask any questions. Well it turns out that one of the students has bedbugs. If the staff is aware of a potential problem they should let the parents know- I’d rather throw out the articles instead of bringing them into the class.

Worse, some parents were still unaware the following day of the potential problem. One mom didn’t think twice and just had the items still lying around in her house. It wasn’t until I told her that she ran home panicked.

Guess it’s time for me to make some enemies at the PTA meeting, because I’m about to get evil.

Cough, cough, sneeze…it’s flu season

It's only been 2 days since school started and we have our first cold. That has to be some sort of record. Lee got sick on the weekend so we'll be going to the doctor tomorrow. Thankfully, It seems to be a very mild cold - sneezing, coughing and congestion. I'll take him in to see his pediatrician tomorrow as we need to provide a doctor's note for absences from school, due to illness. I'm not sure that this is absolutely necessary for the 3 year olds because they get sick so often, especially if this is their first time in a setting with so many other kids.

Of course, everyone is scared of the H1N1 virus (aka Swine Flu). Along with our student handbook, we received a very detailed handout with procedure and policies for dealing with the H1N1 virus. It states, if your child is ill, please keep him/her at hone. Once all symptoms wear off, it is requested that they stay home an additional 24 hours before returning to school, just to be safe.

The H1N1 vaccine has just been approved. Will you be getting your child vaccinated?