2019 NYC Public High School Admissions

The image above is how most people feel when it comes to NYC Public High School admissions. Can the process be any more complicated than it already is? I don't think so.

My child is a rising 7th grader so we (mostly me at this point) are fully immersed in the high school search. In order to introduce ourselves to the process, we have attended a high school admission workshop sponsored by CEC3 and I have attended the DOE summer High School Admissions Family Workshops. The workshops are great for getting general information on the overall high school & specialized high school admissions process and meeting representatives from the Specialized High Schools. A new feature this year is a separate workshop on the arts auditions process. They provided audition guides for each of the arts disciplines - visual arts, film, instrumental music, drama, vocal music, and dance. These guides will most likely be posted on the DOE website eventually but I'm happy to send a copy to anyone who requests one.

At this point in the process, depending on whether you will be entering 7th or 8th grade in the fall, here's what's recommended:

7th Grade

  • During the summer before school starts, it's a good idea to attend the summer high school admission family workshops and start to familiarize yourself with your options. The DOE School Finder and High School Directory are both online.
  • If you're considering attending a Specialized High School, put together a plan and start studying for the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT)
  • Be sure to get to school every day and don't be late! Attendance is an important part of individual school admission rubrics.
  • Practice and collect your best work from 7th grade. You'll need it to put together an art portfolio or prepare for an audition to a high school arts program.

Summer Before 8th Grade

  • Attend the summer high school admission family workshops and start to create a list of school that you think might be a good fit. The DOE School Finder and High School Directory are both online.
  • Be sure to study for the SHSAT, rehearse for your auditions and work on your art portfolio.
  • Check school websites, our events calendar or contact schools directly for school open house and tour dates. Set up a calendar to keep track of tour dates and application deadlines. You don't want to miss anything.

8th Grade

  • Attend the high school fairs in September and October. Check the DOE website or our events calendar for dates.
  • Find audition dates for specific audition programs and register. Check the school websites or contact the school directly for up-to-date information.
  • For screened programs, find out admission requirements and instructions in the High School Directory.
  • Attend open houses and tours.
  • Register for the SHSAT and/or LaGuardia High School auditions through your school counselor or at a Family Welcome Center by October 11, 2018
  • Get your SHSAT ticket and/or LaGuardia High School audition ticket
  • Take the SHSAT and/or audition for LaGuardia High School as scheduled
  • For audition programs, go to auditions and/or interviews
  • For screened programs, complete assessments and/or submit portfolios.
  • Submit your Round 1 application online, through your counselor, or at a Family Welcome Center by December 3, 2018.

Check our site for continued updates as we advance through the admission process.


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